Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to fight hunger, Obama style.

After Joe Biden's inspiring remarks at the Global Hunger Conference yesterday, the President and his election committee entourage took heed. Not wanting to suffer from hunger themselves, the government group stopped in the Los Angeles restaurant Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles and dined on wings, fries, potato salad and waffles. That energized them enough to attend 2 more fundraisers.

Today's agenda begins in the early afternoon for the President. He starts by taping a sitcom episode with Jaye Leno. Then he'll leave LA and visit contributors in San Francisco. This will be a brief appearance in SF because he has two evening campaign events he must attend in Denver Colorado.

Source: Iron Street Farm
As Obama is wrapping up his West Coast tour, his wife is starring in the mid-west. First she stops in Detroit MI and speaks at a DNC reception. Then, she flies to Chicago to discuss healthy food (chicken wings & fries) with a variety of mayors. Rahm Emanuel will then escort her to Walgreens and to Iron Street Urban Farms. She will close the evening at a DNC reception in Chicago.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Obama - Craps in Vegas and Toasts with Zorro

Today, Monday Oct 24th, President Obama flies to Las Vegas Nevada. On the way, he will be meeting whth Bill Gates, to most likely figure out how he can use Twitter & other social media to mobilize the radicals to join Occupy Wall Street and overflow the voting booths next year. Seriously, however, he will probably be boasting about how he retained Broderick Johnson to be a campaign adviser. Johnson is a registered lobbyist for Microsoft and his wife works for NPR - so Obama has the media blocked.

When he lands in Vegas, he will attend 3 different campaign events, two of which will be at private residences. Then, back on the plane and off to Los Angeles to attend fundraisers hosted by Spaniard Antonia Banderas. I guess accepting fundraising isn't limited to that of American donors only. Perhaps Banderas will try to convince Obama to run for President of Spain next!

My, with all this flying around in the sky, we can understand why Obama is against corporate jets: They just fill up the air space!

The President has a packed agenda in California, which will has nothing to do with managing the country, but rather fundraising. Oh yes, the American public is paying for this entertaining trip!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Democrats Nelson, Reid, Tester voted with Republicans to defeat Jobs Act

Perhaps its time to ask why 3 of Obama's favorite Democrat Senators voted against his Jobs Act?

While Obama continues his 2nd day of bashing Republicans on his "American Jobs Bus Tour", he will make two appearances in Jamestown NC community colleges and one in an Emporia VA high school.

The Vice President is also getting into the act. He traveled to York PA and spoke to the elementary school children there. Then he flies ot Philadelphia to participate in a round table discussion, and finally make a speech about the Jobs Act.

Since the two leaders of our country our so busy traveling and stating that the Republicans blocked this much needed bill, we decided to examine the actual voting record on this act. It was Senate legislation S. 1660 (not Congress) and titled "American Jobs Act of 2011". (You can see the voting results here).

Of the 100 voting Senators, 50 voted YEA, 49 NAY, and 1 not voting.

Voting YEA were 49 Democrats and 1 Independent.

Voting NAY were 46 Republicans and 3 Democrats (Nelson-NE, Reid-NV, and Tester-MT)

So from this, we can see that it was not only Republicans that voted against Obama's Job Bill. Perhaps he should stay in Washington and work with Senate members on both sides of the aisle so that the leaders in his own Democratic party will support his proposals.

Now its time for baseball. The World Series begins tomorrow and Michelle and Dr. Jill will be there in full colors. Are you paying for their tickets?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Non-Michigan made bus tour to North Carolina and beyond

After last Tuesday's cash raising event in Orlando FL, the President remained in DC for the next couple of days and used the time to help his wife pick out a beautiful dress for the Korea State Dinner.

Source: The Washington Post Lifestyle
Picking up the fundraising slack, VP Biden flew to Flint MI on Wednesday and visited the Flint Fire Department while Obama lured Latino voters at the White House. Next, Biden toured a school in Grand Rapids MI, before finally attending the real purpose of the trip: a campaign event in Grand Rapids.

To show off how successful government takeovers can be, Mr. Obama escorted South Korean President Lee Myyung-bak on a tour of a General Motors Orion Assembly plant in Detroit MI last Friday.

Now today, Obama begins a 3-day bus campaign tour in southern swing states. First, he flies to Asheville NC and to delivers remarks. Then, on the bus and off to Millers Creek NC to speak at a high school (too bad the bus wasn't manufactured in the United States).

Even though the Jobs Act was defeated by the Senate, the Obama re-election committee continues to drain the U.S. taxpayer by insisting the bus trip is about jobs and not votes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pittsburgh & Orlando welcome Obama

President Obama resumes his Jobs Act campaigning today in Pittsburgh PA as he tours the IBEW Local 5 training facilities. After, he flies to Orlando FL to attend a campaign event.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama extends her hands for donation cash at a DNC reception and dinner.

While Mr. O is out of town, VP Biden will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Montenegro and the later the commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces Command.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Texas, Missouri, and Florida old people, kids & contributors hear about Jobs

Today the President is attending 4 different fundraising events in two states. The first two are in Dallas TX and are both in the Sheraton Hotel. Since they are in the same location, we save on inter-city transportation for the presidental entourage. The excuse for being in Texas is that the president will speak urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. Hmmm. That could have been done right in Washington if Mr. Obama just visited the Capital.

On the way back, the President will stop in St. Louis MO and appear in two more campaign events.

While he is out of DC, the Vice President is urging children in an Elementary school in Florida to pressure their Congressmen to pass the Jobs Act.

Boy, the Administration is sure getting a log of free mileage pushing this failed proposal. But, just imagine if Congress did indeed pass this Act. If it did: "What excuse would Obama and Biden have for using our expensive military airplanes to crisscross the country?"

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary Wishes

Source: 19 years! theobamadiary.com
Today is President and Mrs. Obama's 19th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to the two of them on a long and successful life together and we wish them many, many more. The busy couple celebrated their anniversary 2 days early. After being the keynote speaker at the Human Rights Campaign dinner for gay rights activists on Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. Obama enjoyed a private dining meal together to celebrate this occasion.

This dinner capped a busy week for the First Family. After returning to Washington from last week's California fundraising tour, the President remained rather low key on the campaign front. Most of his week was spent performing official duties and he attended only one campaign event. That was on Friday night at supporter's home in Georgetown. The agenda included a dinner and photo op for 60 wealthy guests who paid between $10,000 to $35,800 each to attend.

However, the First Lady picked up the slack. On Friday, she traveled to Portland Maine and spoke at two separate DNC receptions. Then, flew off to Cranston RI and participated in round table discussion with military spouses which paid for the trip. Afterward, she shuttled off to Providence RI to give a few more remarks at a third DNC event. The day before, Michelle went shopping at Target. Some are saying this was a staged event aimed at toning down her expensive clothing and jewelry taste, but whatever. She is still a beautiful bride.

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