Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEA Teachers Union gives $60 million to Obama campaign, Obama gives back $60 Billion with America Jobs Act taxdollars (corrected)

We were reading through our old posts and saw a line that said the National Education Association, NEA, intended to support and later voted to give the Obama 2012 re-election campaign $60 million last July.

Then it made sense why the President wants his proposed Jobs Act passed "Right Away". 

The reason is that Obama wants to pay back the $60 million by giving $60 BILLION give back the $60 million to the NEA by using American Taxpayer dollars. Arguing that he wants to spend $25 billion million to modernize schools and give $35 billion million to keep teachers, we see that he is trying to simply fund his election campaign using American tax dollars ($25B + $35B = $60 billion).

In the end, Obama gets $60 million, and the NEA claims a $60 million donation write-off at a net cost of $0 (zero dollars).  

Meaning, the donation is given back 1,000 times more!

And, we the American public, in effect, gave Obama $60 billion million out of the budget.

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