Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jet pollution clouds Biden's Clean Energy Summit

The Air Force One and Two jets are in the air today, crisscrossing the country to: carry the President to Minnesota; and transport the Vice President to Las Vegas and Tulsa.

Obama is making a quick dash to Minneapolis-St. Paul to deliver remarks to veterans at an American Legion conference. He lands at 11:25AM, speaks at 11:55AM, and is back on the plane at 1:15PM. This means he will be flying approximately 4 hours in order to give a 1 hour speech.

Vice President Biden is campaigning at the National Clean Energy Summit 4.0 held in Las Vegas today. This summit is hosted by the Center for American Progress which is a liberal think tank partially funded by George Soros.

On his way back to DC, Biden will land in Tulsa Oklahoma and attend a DNC fundraising event tonight.

Hopefully, Biden will discuss the effects of jet fuel pollution on the climate and how both he and the President have contributed to its growth.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Mixing abortion lunches with celebrity attended dinners after Labor Day

The President's vacation was cut short in order to avoid traveling during Hurricane Irene. Now that he is back in Washington, Mr. Obama started the week by appointing Alan Krueger to be his chief economic adviser.

Additionally, Mr. Obama is working on the final details of his soon to be released economic plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs. We are wondering if it will be noticiablly different than last years plan that he announced September 6, 2010. In that one, he proposed a new Infrastructure spending plan to create new jobs consisting of: $50 billion to improve 150,000 miles of highways, 4,000 miles of railways and 150 miles of runways.

Most of the political sites are also advertising the September Fundrasing Campaign that the President and the First Lady will be featuring in New York City. These are:
  • Sept 20th: Lunch with Michelle and abortion rights activists
  • Sept 20th: Gala Dinner with First Lady & President, with a special performacne by Alicia Keys
  • Sept 30th: Warren Buffet's Economic forum and fundraiser dinner at the Four Seasons
These three events are going to be rather costly, but we're sure that many of us common folk would love to attend.

Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinem, other abortion rights activists headline fund-raiser
Buffett to host Obama fundraiser in New York
Fired Up Obama Pushes $50 Billion Infrastructure Plan to Create Jobs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obama family flies two planes to Martha's Vineyard, So what's wrong with keeping the peace?

The president and first family are vacationing this week on the luxurious get away resort island of Martha's Vineyard. Now that the budget crisis is past and they have 2.4 trillion dollars to spend, what's wrong with the family taking two separate U.S. government jets to the playground of the rich and famous?

Seriously, I really don't see anything wrong with this. After all, the first family was nearly house bound during the July negotiations. Then when the day came to begin their well deserved vacation, Mrs. Obama simply wanted to get to their $50 thousand a week rental property when the clock started clicking. Since her husband was too busy to leave on time, she did the right thing and left with the kids. Hey, that's a great strategy for the president. Not only did he keep the family peace, but he didn't have to help moving in the bags or setting up the house. Good thinking!

Many folks are criticizing their actions, but so what. They are having a good time!

I'm actually finding funny articles and videos about this year's Obama summer vacation. For example, Keith Koffler provides the: Top Ten Things Obama Plans to do on Martha’s Vineyard. I was up there in MV in May and didn't know anything about the lobster races or croquet matches. This is definitely a must read for all first time visitors.

Then, Fox News provides a great video called: Watters' World Drops in on Obama's Vineyard Vacation (please excuse the leading advertisement, but ther rest is humorous).

This is actually a rather funny segment and is not slanted towards criticism. Instead, it tells us what its like when the President is in town. In this clip, the producer, Jesse Watters talks to various local residents and gives us an inside peek into the pro-Obama camp.

If, however, you are more inclined to criticize the president rather than praise him, then maybe this "fair and balanced" article will be more to your taste: Obamas Take Two Planes to Martha's Vineyard, Needlessly Wasting Many Thousands in Tax Money.

Summer's almost over, so Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deli for Obama, Duck for Biden - Who's classier?

As the President's two new $1.2 million buses roll through the mid-west campaign trail, Obama shared yesterday's lunch hour with Minnesota veterans at the Old Market Deli ( Veterans eat with Obama ). While the Congress and Senate were embroiled  in difficult budget talks last month, we noticed that Mr. O seemed to keep a low profile. We now know that one of the items on his non-public agenda was the coordination and ordering of the two Secret Service armored buses that he is now using for his 3 state heartland, republican bashing, campaign tour ( $2.2 million for Secret Service's new armored buses ). The president is saying that the taxpayers must foot the bill for this campaign swing because he's addressing the economy. But, according to NPR the real reason is that: Bus-Touring Obama Goes After GOP Presidential Hopefuls.

But not to be undone, the Hamptons rested Vice President has jetted off to China. He is on an 8 day, all taxpayer expense paid, trip to the Far East. There, he will meet with U.S. and Chinese business leaders, and get to know China's future leadership ( US Vice President to Discuss Economic Issues in China ). Since it seems that everything we now sell in the U.S. is made in China, we think the VP wants to keep it that way. That is great for China, but it doesn't help or encourage manufacturing growth here in the U.S.

At the end of his tour, Mr. Biden will then visit Mongolia and Japan. This fun filled trip "kicks off what U.S. officials describe as a busy diplomatic calendar of Asia-Pacific events in coming months" (See above link: US Vice ... ), which will include two Asia-Pacific Economic summits, one in Honolulu and the other in Bali.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Buses buses everywhere in Iowa

Today, the President is beginning a three day bus tour through the Midwest to explain why that region of the country is important to the nation's economy. The president's schedule does not list any fundraisers during his bus tour, but he has never skipped the opportunity to attend one.

He begins the tour by flying on Air Force One to St. Paul, MN where he will meet his bus. With all the turmoil in the economic and political landscape, it is interesting to see so much activity focused on this all important heartland state.

Obama bus tour has campaign overtones

Obama's first stop will be in Minnesota, where he will hold town hall meeting in Cannon Falls. Afterward, he drives to Decorah Iowa and holds a second town hall meeting. Tuesday, he will attend an economic forum in Peosta Iowa. Then Wednesday, he drives off to his old home state of Illinois and holds democratic town halls in Atkinson and Alpha.
Weekly Standard: Bachmann Supporters Not Yet Sold
Michele Bachmann won the republican straw poll this weekend in Waterloo Iowa. After celebrating her win and giving her celebration speech, her bus rolled out. But, this mornings radio news reported that the Bachmann bus is turning around and headed back to Iowa today to counter any possible political attack by the president.
White House claims Obama’s bus tour is presidential, so taxpayers will fund it
Keeping the republican pressure up, the Sarah Palin bus tour also made an unannounced visit to the state of Iowa. On Saturday, she toured Eureka College in the town of Eureka, where Ronald Reagan called home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Neither Joining Forces founders in town when SEALs remains arrive back home

Yesterday afternoon, the remains of our U.S. servicemen who were killed aboard a chopper in Afghanistan reached U.S. soil when they landed at Dover Air Force Base. The President saluted and attended the solemn ceremony that followed.

However, the two founders of the Joining Forces initiative, Dr. Jill Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama, were out of town when the soldiers arrived. (see What You Can Do to Support Military Families )

We all know that Dr. Biden was in Kenya, but few of us were aware that the First Lady and family had flown to Corvallis Oregon on Monday to visit her brother. (see Michelle Obama Takes Secret Vacation to Oregon and Where's Michelle Obama as President Goes To Honor Fallen Heroes? )

Under normal circumstances, we should not expect either of these two ladies to attend the Dover ceremony. However,
  • since they started the Joining Forces initiatives to: "recognize, honor, and serve our military families" (What You ...), 
  • and one or both have used this initiative as a reason for us to pay their airfare and travel expenses while criss-crossing the country to attend campaign fundraisers,
we believe that one of the two should have heeded their own initiatives and attended the Dover return of our heroic servicemen.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fuel standards ignite Obama's meal, travel, sport, and fundraising consumption (Revised)

With the national budget refueled until 2012, the President is wasting no time spending the money that has been allocated to our government. ( Obama Aug. 8, 2011 week ahead. Fuel standards, Iftar dinner, fund-raiser, Green Bay Packers )

Today he travels to Springfield, Virginia to tout his new energy standards at the moving company headquarters, Interstate. There, he will describe how his new fuel efficiency standards will save tens of billions of dollars by reducing fuel consumption and thereby lower pollution. He will neglect to inform the stock holders that the company will be required to spend trillions of dollars when purchasing the authorized vehicles.  After publishing this article, the WH changed the President's schedule. Instead of traveling to Virginia, representatives from many of the global truck and engine manufacturers are meeting at the White House: Cummins, Navistar, Daimler Trucks, Eaton Corp. Vehicle Group, Volvo, Chrysler, General Motors, Mack Trucks, Con-way, etc. ( White House releases heavy-truck standards ). With all of these people flying into Washington from various parts of the country, this does not sound like a spare of the moment change in Obama's daily agenda. Knowing how the President is against corporate jets, we certainly believe most of these individuals and groups drove to DC by car or perhaps took trains.

Then, Wednesday, he will stay in Washington to host the annual Iftar dinner at the White House. This is the Muslim tradition of breaking the daily fast after sunset where the President praises members of the religion for their important contributions to the American history and economy.

After fueling his body and the Air Force One with jet fuel, Mr. Obama will then fly to the Johnson Controls' battery facility in Holland Michigan on Thursday. Besides touring the facility, Mr. O will explain why batteries are the fuel of choice that the auto, truck, and bus manufactures must utilize in order to meet his new energy legislative standards.

On the way back to Washington, Obama will fly to New York City and attend another two Democratic fundraisers. Since he will be in the air anyway, the taxpayers will have to foot the bill in his dash for cash.

Friday's welcoming of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers will surely produce another jersey for his growing sports collection.

While the rest of us will be worrying about the stock market and the $16 trillion deficit this week, the President will be bolstering his political participation with these key states (Virginia, Michigan, & Wisconsin), Muslim voters, military flight crew, and the big buck donors.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Three days after USA downgrade, Dr. Jill visits Kenya, Barak attends two fundraisers, and the DOW drops

Less than one week after the debt limit was increased, the White House leadership representatives have hit the road. Yes, thanks to our taxpayer dollars, Dr. Jill Biden flew off to the homeland of Mr. Obama's father to see famished Somalians.(Dr. Jill Biden Arrives in Kenya)

After returning from a Camp David weekend with his immediate and extended family (see: breaking camp), the President spends his day in Washington with only 4 items on his public schedule. The first was a 10AM briefing and the second is the reading of a prepared statement to the press at 1PM.

However, more time will be devoted to the two DNC events he is attending tonight. The first is at a private DC residence, and the second will be at the St. Regis Hotel.

Surely, he will take time to blame the S&P downgrade on the members of the Tea Party, Republicans, and his predecessor instead of evaluating the the T&E expense reports of his family, staff, and co-workers.

Perhaps S&P is right in saying that they do not see any serious effort by the President to limit spending or to lead the country.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With debt ceiling raised, it's now time to party, fundraise, and vacation

The August 2nd debt ceiling deadline set by the President was no coincidence. According to past articles, the April extension funded the federal government until September.

But, if we waited until then, the members of the Congress, Senate, and the President would have to miss their planned recesses, fundraisers, and vacations. Since nobody wanted to do that, they worked through July and resolved the debt crisis with time to spare.

Beginning tomorrow, the President will be jiving to the sounds of Herbie Hancock, Jennifer Hudson and OK Go in the Chicago Aragon Ballroom. All will be paying homage to our leader who turns 50 on Thursday. If any of you want to attend, simply give a big donation to the Obama Victory Fund 2012 (your invitation is below). Remember, though, you've got to hurry since there is only one day left, but it should be worth it.

After that big bash, the President will be off to Martha's Vineyard in late August. Since a few fundraisers were canceled in July, we are sure Mr. Obama has already rescheduled them. After all, the election is only 15 months away, and the President has no other work to do until then. So, it's time to get the cash!

While the President is enjoying the rest of his term in office, the Congress and Senate will be relaxing as well. Beginning August 8th to September 5th, those hard working representatives will be soliciting funds as well. Wow, a whole month of vacation!

You can read more about Party Time by visting these articles.

Herbie Hancock, Jennifer Hudson, OK Go set for Obama birthday fundraiser
Join the President For His Birthday Party!
Obama to head home for 50th birthday fundraiser
Debt ceiling deal or not, Obama’s going on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard

And, if you have any doubt, view the video below and pay attention to the very end, where  Jen Psaki of the White House gleefully says the Obama birthday party is on and his campaign season begins.
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